1)      What delivery options do you have?

For UK & NI Ireland customers we offer three delivery services: Standard which is £3.99, Express which is £5.99 & Saturday Delivery which is £9.95. For European customers we have our standard European Delivery which cost’s £8.99.  For customers outside of Europe we have standard International Delivery which cost’s £13.99.

2)      Can you ship express to International Customers?

Unfortunately at present we do not offer express international shipping.

3)      Do you require a signature on delivery?

Our courier service requires a signature on receipt of your order to confirm delivery. On occasion our courier company will deliver to a neighbour if it seems safe to do so & they will leave a card confirming this.  

4)      Will I receive tracking information for my order?

Customers in the UK & Ireland will receive tracking information through either text or email, providing they order using a valid mobile number/email address.

5)      I’ve missed my delivery what happens now?

If you have missed your delivery from us our courier service attempt to deliver a few more times before sending the parcel back to us.  To prevent this from occurring it’s advisable to use your work address as your delivery address, if you know you will be unable to sign for it at home.

6)      According to the tracking details my item is delayed, why is this?

Due to severe weather or unforeseen circumstances orders may be held before they can be delivered. The delayed package is up to one day in hold. If this time is exceeded, it is recommended to phone customer care.


Please note that due to the busy period, you may experience delays in receiving your refund.

1)      What is your returns policy?

For a full refund please send your item(s) back within 14 days, or for an exchange please send your item(s) back within 28 days. Any items sent back to us after this time will not be refunded or exchanged and you may be charged postage and packaging costs for the item(s) to be sent back to you.  Only items sent back in their original condition including the tag are eligible for exchange or refund.  Please also ensure you complete the returns form to ensure your refund/exchange is processed timely & accurately.  We cannot be held accountable for returns sent back without a returns form or which do not contain a name/order number.  If you have lost your order number simply email us at [email protected] with your full billing and shipping names and we will email this to you.  Please note we cannot process returns and exchanges according to a set date our aim is to process all refunds and exchanges within 14 days of receipt.

2)      What is your exchange policy?

We currently don't accept any exchanges but if you are within the return period you can send it back for a refund.

3)      I’ve gone over the 14 day refund window & I do not want an exchange, what can I do?

If this is the case please email and inform customer care. Once we receive your return we will create an online credit code for the same amount as the item you’ve returned.  This code is essentially store credit & can be used to purchase another item or put towards different items, however the code must be used within three months.

4)      Do you offer any leniency for international customers who cannot get their items back within 14 days?

Of course, we understand it can be difficult for our international customers to get their returns back within the 14 day window. Therefore we always look into the tracking information to see when you would have received the item, and allocate a reasonable amount of time in addition to this, of when you could realistically get the item back to us.

5)      How will I know if I have been refunded?

Providing you used a valid email address when you used a valid email address when you placed your initial order, you should receive an email stating your refund amount once the refund has been processed.

6)      How will I know if my item has been exchanged?

Customers in the UK and Ireland will receive tracking information once their item has been dispatched, providing a valid email address or mobile number was used when the initial order was placed. If there are any problems in processing your exchange (e.g. the item requested has sold out) you will be notified via phone or email.

7)      I’ve received an email saying I’ve been sent a refund but the money isn’t showing in my account yet, why is this & when will I receive my refund?

Once a refund is successfully processed an automated email will be sent confirming this, after the email is sent it usually takes around 3 working days for the money to go back into your account. If you haven’t received your refund after 7 days please let us know so we can contact our payments provider. Unfortunately we are unable to investigate if your refund hasn’t shown in less than this time (7 days).Please also ensure the card you initially paid on is still active (not expired), if your card has expired or you’ve been sent a replacement we will be unable to process your refund. In this event we will try and contact you via phone or email, to obtain the updated card details.

8)      What can I do if I receive a faulty item?

It is extremely rare that you should receive a faulty item from us, as our items our checked using the most stringent quality control methods. However we can appreciate there are times when this may occur (in transit for example). The best thing to do is at your earliest convenience complete the enclosed returns form, stating that the item is faulty as well as a brief explanation of the fault, then simply post it back to us for either a refund, exchange or credit voucher code. If you would like the postage refunded for sending it back to us, please slip a copy of the postage receipt in the bag or email it to us at: [email protected].

9)      What is your returns address?

Our return department is as following:

Returns Department WALG London

76 Canterbury Road 




10)   Do you offer free returns?

At present we do not offer free returns so you will have to pay for the postage to send items back to us, however as we grow this is a service we will definitely consider offering in the future.

11)   How should I send my item back to you?

If the initial postage bag is re-usable most of our customers recycle this when sending items back to us, otherwise a mail bag, box or large envelope is absolutely fine. The delivery method is completely up to you. Things you may want to consider are: dependant on how long you have left for a return or exchange, the safest/most secure delivery service & the value of the contents.It is recommended to use Royal Mail as we receive post from them on a daily basis and to retain your receipt from the post office, as proof of delivery. It is your responsibility to ensure the items your returning or exchanging get back to us & we cannot take responsibility for items that are lost, nor will we look into lost items on your behalf.  

12)   If I am ordering from outside the UK can I claim my VAT back?

As you are purchasing goods from the UK, we are legally obliged to charge you VAT. VAT is calculated from the place items are purchased from, not where they are being delivered to. This also means that unfortunately you will also be unable to claim this cost back. For more information you can check out the HMRC rules at the UK GOV page.